Cybersecurity and physical security are a key elements to ensure fault-less production and reliability at your promises. With our revolutionary cybersecurity solutions we ensure that your infrastructure, data and employees are fully secured. We prevent threats and attacks so you can focus on growing business. Our cybersecurity solutions are also designed to be easy to implement.


We care about security of your infrastructure and employees. We provide a revolutionary, password- less, one-touch user authentication system that ensures users never have to remember or enter a password again. With this solution, we can guarantee our employees and customers the highest level of protection against phishing attacks, identity and data theft and more. By removing the risk of stolen passwords or credentials, we eliminate 80% of all of cybersecurity threats.

By implementing our technology, the login operations to any web or mobile interface are fully secured and easy to do. Whether you prefer a cloud, on-premise or hybrid model, it’s easy to configure and install, using API features and the available SDK as needed. No matter how fast hackers work, our unique cybersecurity technology provides true protection, which means you’ll always be one step ahead.


We protect also all types of IoT devices and data with our comprehensive cyber security solution for IoT networks. And because people, machines, and devices can use passwords to connect to each other, our world-class password-free ELIoTPro system provides complete security. By combining secure authentication and human-to-machine (H2M) and machine-to-machine (M2M) communications with lightweight encryption, we’ll make your IoT network more secure than ever.

Lightweight encryption ensures that IoT data is fully encrypted and only sent to authorized devices. Your IoT devices have different levels of computing power. And our lightweight encryption requires less computing power and memory than any encryption system today – making it work on even the simplest IoT devices.


We protect your intellectual property and other critical information assets from leakage. We rely on a central platform in our data center and on devices (sensors) at customer locations. Our specialists launch, configure and manage the service. The platform provides advanced mechanisms of data correlation on the session level in real time. By analyzing and controlling two-way communication, it mitigates the risks associated with today’s advanced and hard to identify threats. Examines all network traffic – at the protocol, application and content level – independently or together with the context.

The reliable analysis enhances the network security architecture. It enables advanced threat management and effective incident response. Our solution uses patented Deep Session Inspection technology, which employs a unique process to analyze network traffic.


To ensure comprehensive protection, we offer a SOC Starter system. Using the 3 lines of support- algorithms, specialists, engineers-we protect your data. In this way, we detect and understand practically every type of attack – from viruses to DDoS attacks. SOC Starter gives IT managers tools of persuasion-a threat map, a plan for next steps-facts, figures, examples. SOC is designed to show you what state your security is in and let you know what to do next. It is an analytical tool, not a tool that eliminates threats. SOC in the 360 version is a full service. The Starter version analyses up to 100 EPS. In addition to comprehensive protection, SOC Starter users receive visibility of network events, continuous monitoring, SOC analysis (1 hour a day), threat verification by experts, selection of significant incidents, monthly reports on the number and type of threats to the company, and support in developing future strategies.

We approach each case individually and create customized solutions.


The cornerstone of cyber threat protection in any organization, regardless of size or nature, is a firewall system. The Managed Firewall solution we have developed is a new generation firewall, distinguished by intelligent traffic filtering, adaptation to people and readiness for the future. We do not block specific protocols or ports. We block unwanted behavior, confidential data traffic or dangerous communication with malware. The new generation of firewalls can understand who is using the network and adjust security levels accordingly, as well as modify and integrate with new systems. The Managed Firewall service includes a wide range of functionalities, such as: firewall, intrusion prevention system (IPS/IDS), anti-virus, anti-malware, URL filtering, application control, SSL traffic inspection or data leakage protection (DLP). The security policy implemented in this service is based on network traffic detection and control. It uses identification of applications, users and transmitted content. Using a Managed Firewall, you have the ability to view and control in real-time how applications are used in your organization.
Thanks to this, you can analyze transmitted content or visited websites in great detail and IT administrators can easily and quickly identify potential threats.