Energy Management and Effectiveness

Significant lowering energy costs, increase profit margin, reduction of CO2 emissions. Effective energy management and monitoring can bring you many profits and advantages for the first day. We will ensure that you pay only for the energy that you really need and help you to manage potential energy shortages with our energy storages.


We bring savings on energy consumption by continuous monitoring, analysis and optimization of energy consumption. We provide a smart platform supporting energy management that is compliant with the ISO 50001 standard. The platform cooperates with industrial and building automation systems and can be a stand-alone solution. Solution is created for companies, institutions and organizations which consume energy, have implemented the ISO 50001 standard, are planning to implement it or simply want to manage energy processes effectively. Our platform is targeted at customers from various industries who are looking for proven and sustainable long-term solutions.

Distinguishing features of the platform include real-time metering, high scalability of the solution, non-invasive installation, optimization (of ordered and reactive power), customizable KPIs and dashboards. Energy cost optimization using our system saves about 20-40% of electricity costs incurred on electricity.


In order to reduce operating costs of any industrial infrastructure or any type of building system we use real-time monitoring and management of energy consumption, on smart meters with use of the cloud technology. Its advantage is simple and functional interface and possibility of quick installation without the need of wiring or stopping the production. Meters installed in control/electrical cabinets via WIFI or GSM communication send data to the cloud, where they are analyzed and presented to the user in the form of friendly graphics and graphs. The system monitors in real time the level of energy consumption (kWh) and automatically analyses data and sets consumption trends (daily, monthly, yearly, etc.), alerts on unusual and sudden changes in consumption trends (significant increases or decreases), and gives the possibility to integrate with the existing meters and data sources (e.g. BMS), and the data can be accessed from anywhere in the world via the website. Using our system allows to reduce the costs of energy consumption even by 15-20% per year, to react immediately to undesired events, such as unpredictable increases in energy consumption, excess of active power, and to make decisions based on real-time data, as well as it gives the possibility to automate actions, e.g. switching off or on particular devices, depending on the current situation and data about energy consumption or its production.

We offer also energy storage systems that will help you to deal with sudden energy shortages.