Industry 4.0

We offer a full range of smart solutions for SMEs and enterprises in all fields of Industry 4.0. We design entire smart factory infrastructure, smart production lines with robots and internal logistics systems using Digital Twin technology, provide smart factory data flow analysis and all processes management. We provide industrial automation and Floor Management Systems that include autonomous platforms to maximize efficiency and security of all production processes.


In order to provide the highest possible production efficiency at the lowest possible costs, and to avoid collisions of machines, equipment with the future or existing building structure of your smart factory, we have prepared a service to solve these problems. At its core is the use of 3D scanning technology of industrial objects and dedicated software from the Product Design & Manufacturing collection. Customers using this system receive an accurate and configurable 2D and 3D layout of the industrial object with the possibility of checking the concept in virtual reality technology (VR).

Within this system we use operations on scanned data (point clouds), 3D CAD modeling, Factory Design Utilities – object planning and calculation of production parameters, virtual object inspection, which help to minimize errors and collisions that unnecessarily increase the cost and time of the entire operation. With a Digital Twin technology we offer services to design new products and prototypes.


In order to analyze the data collected by thousands of smart sensors, robots and elements of the smart production lines every second, we have developed system to effectively link all the software in order to facilitate the daily work of the company at the most efficient level. It is a modern and comprehensive application for production management 4.0 Thanks to the integration of different IT systems, data from many applications will go to one place and their subsequent analysis and processing will be much simpler and faster. It is a universal technology that automates information flow management and provides BMS, SMS and EMS solutions on a single platform.

The multi-server architecture of the system allows to build a distributed system, and the clear, responsive and customizable visualization allows for quick analysis of large data sets, finding regularities and specific areas for optimization. The universal and versatile character of our solutions allow the system to be used in industrial infrastructure, large-scale buildings and warehouses, as well as commercial facilities.


We offer solutions for process automation, eliminating bottlenecks in e.g. production lines. For this purpose, we use different types of computer vision, analyze the data obtained using Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence, and create fully automated systems for employee support and object and human recognition and analysis. Our solutions introduces higher quality and efficiency, e.g. product quality control process, and also concerns security solutions, e.g. allowing to determine the location of people in the building. We have also created a tool that performs quality control of construction work, with a view to accelerate and improve your work. Solution uses also a drone with 3D computer vision to create a point cloud inspection of the construction and then classify it. This allows you to detect imperfections during work or deviations from the plan, as well as cracks or deformations after years of use. Early detection allows for ongoing repair and cost savings for your company.

The spectrum of possible applications for our technologies in CV and AI covers all sectors and professions where human eyes can perform tasks.


Smart Secure Networks supports manufacturing companies at all levels of enterprise management.With a modular solution we help your company to manage production and intra-company logistics,allowing for integration of control areas and control of individual processes. The system supervisesand optimizes all defined processes, giving a full picture of the current situation in the productiondepartments. It allows the connection of an unlimited number of stations, scanners and peripheraldevices, automates processes, eliminates errors, obtains data in real time – and in case of unexpectedevents – reduces the reaction time to a minimum. Data collected by the system informs about theprogress of work on individual tasks, as well as the effectiveness of people, machines and equipmentin the context of a given order. It is a tool for production reporting and provides mobile access to allproduction processes.

It allows for cooperation with the Maintenance Department: the systemoperator can report in real time any irregularities related to the operation of a machine. The solutionprovides real-time communication of the sequence for the best optimization of work, with full dataarchiving – offering new possibilities of using the knowledge obtained in this way – changing thedigital message into valuable information for the company.