Smart Buildings Design & Management

We can design and effectively manage any building, smart factory, warehouse or even part of the city to ensure significant savings and highest security. We use high-end digital technologies to help you execute and manage entire investment in the best possible way at any phase. Our experts provide skills based on years of experience and successful implementations around the globe.


Our digital solutions allow to simulate approximate costs of construction and maintenance of the object. In addition, having an implementation model made in BIM gives you the freedom to manage the object after construction. Architects, constructors and installers can create a project together on one three-dimensional file, which significantly improves the design of complex buildings. Early integration of trades and analysis, or automatic clash detection, enables the delivery of better quality technical documentation and reduces the time it takes to coordinate trades’ submittals. Specifying features and geo-location helps with file integration and subsequent simulation.

Advanced design variation options further allow for greater design freedom. BIM technology helps to control project progress and costs, and enables project phasing. Working in three-dimensional environment provides information that allows to avoid costly modifications resulting from collisions detected too late. The use of Building Information Model technology facilitates prefabrication and accurate dimensioning of project elements, which in turn is necessary at the stage of issuing tenders and preparing construction.


Smart Secure Networks offers comprehensive management of general and industrial construction investments. We have an experienced team of engineers and construction experts, we monitor the safety and quality of our projects. For each of our investments we have dedicated teams of experts from various fields. Our employees have all necessary licenses, both multi-discipline and specialized in architectural design and urban planning. Together we implement concepts and construction and implementation projects related to architecture, urban planning, graphics and design.

Our construction, estimating and bidding, investment management and design departments work closely together to prepare a bid that meets the client’s requirements and can be completed on time and on budget. We provide support for engineering work. Our portfolio includes solutions for the water and wastewater industry infrastructure.